Thursday, 7 March 2013

Mark Schulhof and Quadriga Art Thought Leadership: The Benefits of All Inclusive Production | By Quadriga Art

At Quadriga Art, we realize that developing a successful direct marketing campaign from beginning to end is complex. Every goal requires a comprehensive package of strategy, design, printing, manufacturing, logistics and analytical capabilities that can be overwhelming to organizations focused primarily on donor relationships and fundraising.

Our business model is designed to provide each of these services to our clients with all-inclusive production capabilities that guarantees quality control and excellence at every stage of a Quadriga Art project.

It’s critical that every facet of a direct marketing campaign operates synergistically and stems from a comprehensive strategic plan. From concept testing and custom design services to printing, production and logistics, it’s important that your campaign be handled with experienced teams that network closely and are aligned with your goals for each of those processes. Quadriga’s experts in each of these disciplines provide all the services you need from concept to response processing, including:

• Proprietary database platform with RFM targeting and analytics • Direct mail packages and manufactured Premiums • Product development, prototyping and package engineering • Pre-press, printing & production • Specialized production treatments, including die-cutting, embossing and hand assembly • Multi-level matching, collating and inserting • Personalization, from basic to full color digital variable • Full data processing including mail file preparation and sortation • Post-campaign performance analysis

We recognize that long-term stewardship of donor and customer relationships is your primary concern, so we also care about your package long after the campaign is executed. With over 70 years of experience, Quadriga Art has evolved the highest and best solutions for direct management and control of your campaign from start to finish, helping you successfully execute multi-level marketing strategies at every stage of the process.

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