Friday, 24 June 2011

Direct Mail Marketing – A Better Option For Non-Profits And Charities

Internet has changed the way in which people not only conduct business but also the way they socialize, network and seek information. With the ever growing importance of internet technology in the everyday lives of people, a large number of organizations prefer online marketing to promote their goods.

However, while this strategy might prove beneficial for organizations working on the profit making sector, non-profits seem to benefit least from online marketing as has been rightly pointed out by Quadriga Art, a major marketing company for non-profit organizations and charities. Given below are some reasons that make direct mail marketing, a better choice for non-profit organizations and charities:

1.)    Despite the fact that people receive a large number of junk mails in their mail box, their chances of opening each package and checking the contents of each mail at least once are far greater as compared to online mail. The only real challenge in this case is to make the mail package interesting enough to catch the attention of the receiver rather than getting thrown into the waste paper basket. 
2.)   Direct mail does not involve any downloading of software or blocking unwanted ads and pop-ups that are associated with an e-mail or even having to worry about a mail containing virus that might corrupt the system of the receiver. 
3.)   Direct mail marketing enables the organization to characterize their mail according to the gender, age, income, ethnicity and lifestyle of their target audience, which is not possible with e-mail marketing campaigns. This can also be useful in targeting audiences according to their specific preference and beliefs.
4.)   As rightly pointed out by Quadriga Art, most people consider direct mail to be more private in addition to providing a personal touch to the causes of non-profits and charities.

Quadriga Art is a New York City based full-service international direct marketing company working with the world's most effective non-profit organizations to generate revenue from intelligent, creative fundraising programs. To learn more about the company and its direct mail service, logon to its website at

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Quadriga Art

Quadriga Art International (QAI), the leading producer of billions of direct mail packages, has launched a new green initiative which consolidates waste into condensed cubes which are a component of a new, clean energy program.
The enviro-fuel cubes, as they are called, consolidate paper, foil and previously non-recyclable waste into fuel compact, condensed packages of waste. The cubes are then sent to a power generating facility -- instead of to landfills -- where they are turned into clean energy.
“We are pleased to take positive steps by actually using waste that once burdened the environment and instead turning it into small squares which promote clean energy,” said Mark Schulhof, CEO of Quadriga Art International. “This is not only good for the planet; it makes us more efficient and we urge others in our industry to do the same.”
Quadriga Art International started the enviro-fuel cube process at its Hong Kong facilities and is now expanding into Europe. Schulhof says he is proud of how the company is taking steps to further reduce its carbon footprint. He points not just to the proactive recycling of manufacturing materials, but also to QAI's condensing strategy which reduces its reliance on air freight to move materials.
“We recognise that even how we handle small shipments can make a big difference,” said Schulhof. “The condensing strategy is a smart step toward saving space and materials. We see it as a smarter, more resourceful way of doing business while reducing our carbon footprint."
Quadriga Art International now relies on sea freight as its primary means of transporting shipments overseas. These global initiatives are making a positive impact in the local markets QAI serves and the company says it is discovering additional benefits to the expansion of its environmentally friendly programs.
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Monday, 20 June 2011

Quadriga Art Launches A New Video News Platform

In a first ever move of its kind in the non-profit sector, Quadriga Art has launched a Video News Platform in coordination with its website. The new site will be used to host a wide range of video segments related to the various aspects and concerns of direct marketing in the non-profit industry. It is quite expected from Quadriga Art to come up with the innovative concept of video news platform as the company is a pioneering direct marketing firm that has been offering its services to numerous non-profit organizations and charities for many years.

According to a statement issued by Mark Schulhof, the CEO of Quadriga Art , the purpose of the video news platform is to keep the direct marketing companies working in the non-profit sector updated about the latest developments that might affect their business in any manner. This has largely eliminated the need for such organization to plod through humongous amount of news and information available on the web and in the print media just to extract that small bit of information which might prove vital for their business and needs.

In addition to providing the current and the latest news and information, the new site has also been designed to be able to offer archived stories that can be easily searched with the help of relevant keywords. Mark Schulhof even referred to the new site as the “industry’s TV News Network on the web.”

Given the importance of rapid information flow, especially in the non-profit sector the new site is proving extremely helpful in saving a lot of time and effort besides cutting down operation costs and providing better results for direct marketing campaigns. It is being speculated the new site will also contribute greatly towards increasing donor contribution by making them aware of the latest developments in the non profit industry in a visual manner.

Mark Schulhof is CEO of Quadriga Art international, a leading marketing firm for various nonprofit organizations around the world, who helps charities around the world raises funds. To learn more about the company and its direct mail service, logon to its website at

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Quadriga Art- Using Innovative Marketing Strategies For Better Results

For more than seventy years now, Quadriga Art has been offering marketing services to its diverse clients that prominently include non-profit organizations and charities. The company has been driven by the aim of building constructive and long-lasting relationships with not only its clients but also its partners in various fields. The modern style of marketing, manufacturing and publishing adapted by Quadriga Art makes them the leaders in their four vital segments of operation including direct mail, consumer products, catalogue/religious and fine art printing.
Over the years, Quadriga Art has been offering its services to clients that mainly fall under one of the five categories, namely - agencies, non-profit organizations, religious groups, international clients and retail buyers. Irrespective of the category of clients they serve, the company delivers results to their clients and helps them to find easy solutions to their diverse marketing problems.

Quadriga Art constantly strives to offer better services to its clients located not only within the country but also across the globe. Their innovative marketing strategies are aimed at producing positive results for their clients and their professional staff located at strategic locations nationally and internationally is advised to keep a constant watch over the changing marketing trends that might affect the marketing campaigns of their clients in any manner.

The clients of Quadriga Art range from small organizations to large firms having international presence. They fact that they use their knowledge and expertise of direct marketing to serve all their clients with equal enthusiasm and dedication makes them stand apart from the league of other marketing firms working in the same areas. A large number of national and international firms that have worked with Quadriga Art vouch for the commitment and professional approach of the company to help their clients reach out to a larger target audience and elicit positive response from them.

Quadriga Art is a New York City based full-service international direct marketing company working with the world's most effective non-profit organizations to generate revenue from intelligent, creative fundraising programs.

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