Tuesday, 21 June 2011

Quadriga Art

Quadriga Art International (QAI), the leading producer of billions of direct mail packages, has launched a new green initiative which consolidates waste into condensed cubes which are a component of a new, clean energy program.
The enviro-fuel cubes, as they are called, consolidate paper, foil and previously non-recyclable waste into fuel compact, condensed packages of waste. The cubes are then sent to a power generating facility -- instead of to landfills -- where they are turned into clean energy.
“We are pleased to take positive steps by actually using waste that once burdened the environment and instead turning it into small squares which promote clean energy,” said Mark Schulhof, CEO of Quadriga Art International. “This is not only good for the planet; it makes us more efficient and we urge others in our industry to do the same.”
Quadriga Art International started the enviro-fuel cube process at its Hong Kong facilities and is now expanding into Europe. Schulhof says he is proud of how the company is taking steps to further reduce its carbon footprint. He points not just to the proactive recycling of manufacturing materials, but also to QAI's condensing strategy which reduces its reliance on air freight to move materials.
“We recognise that even how we handle small shipments can make a big difference,” said Schulhof. “The condensing strategy is a smart step toward saving space and materials. We see it as a smarter, more resourceful way of doing business while reducing our carbon footprint."
Quadriga Art International now relies on sea freight as its primary means of transporting shipments overseas. These global initiatives are making a positive impact in the local markets QAI serves and the company says it is discovering additional benefits to the expansion of its environmentally friendly programs.
For more information, go to www.quadrigaart.com

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