Thursday, 14 April 2011

Quadriga Art Recognizes Earth Day by Participating in Direct Marketing Association’s Earth Day Webinar

Recognizing the 41st ‘Earth Day’ on April 22nd, Quadriga Art- the leading marketing firm for the nonprofit world- is offering other marketing firms and clients shared expertise as a way to help reduce the environmental footprint from offline mail and online communications. The company is taking the lead by invoking production and shipping practices both in the U.S. and in
Europe that are helping to reduce waste and improve overall efficiencies. At its Hong Kong facilities, Quadriga Art International is pioneering the process of making clean energy enviro-fuel cubes from waste materials such as paper, foil and previously non-recyclable waste.
“At Quadriga Art , our goal is to lead by example on how we treat the earth’s environment 365 days a year and not just on April 22nd, but we know Earth Day is a great time to help raise awareness,” says Adam Freedgood, Director of Business Development at Quadriga Art. “Our goal is to be on the cutting edge of actions on sustainability by serving as a resource for both our clients and peers in the marketing industry.
Changing environmental values creates new opportunities and challenges that affect both digital and offline marketers in every country where Quadriga does business.”
Freedgood says that diversified initiatives- ranging from how Quadriga sources paper from well managed forest sources to how the company distributes products to reduce reliance on air freight- can make a big difference. Quadriga Art advocates for its clients to make smarter paper sourcing decisions by selecting FSC certified paper for print marketing campaigns. The firm is also helping to raise awareness for the true footprint of online communications as data centers increase their share of global energy consumption

“We find that by being proactive and innovative, there is a natural compatibility between sustainable environmental practices and the success of our many nonprofit fundraising mail and online campaigns,” says Freedgood. “At Quadriga we are focused on implementing a comprehensive sustainability strategy for our company while leading our peers in the industry toward greater awareness of how marketing and sustainability intersect for the benefit of both customers and the environment.”

On April 22, 2011 from 1:00-2:30pm ET, Freedgood will help propagate Quadriga’s call to action for the global marketing community by sharing expert perspectives on sustainability in an Earth Day webinar event held by the Direct Marketing Association. “The webinar is a practical, proactive and balanced presentation where we will share tips for print and digital communications to improve marketing’s environmental performance,” says Freedgood

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