Tuesday, 28 August 2012

Quadriga Art- The Company That Redefined ‘Marketing’!

Marketing has always been considered an important, but tricky job. Businesses need it to thrive, but most people hesitate to dive into it. However, Quadriga Art (a direct marketing firm) has come forward, and changed everything, from style to attitude!

They’re not just in the marketing industry; rather they provide innovative marketing solutions. These two terms might sound alike to some, but they have completely different connotations. The term, “innovative marketing solutions,” was derived by Quadriga Art, and so far it is just this company who has been providing these high-quality marketing services.
They have a creative outlook on everything. They believe in being sensible, rather than being pushy.

Undoubtedly, Quadriga Art is an extremely popular firm (considering it has been in business for decades now), and if the legacy continues, their success will flourish further!

Monday, 27 August 2012

Quadriga Art- Delivering The Finest Direct Marking Solutions For Seventy Years Now!

Quadriga Art has been serving nonprofit organizations, reputed brands, and other renowned agencies with their direct marketing service for more than seventy years now.

There are many reasons for which Quadriga Art is known, but the one thing that tops the list is their innovative style of working. They have their own and unique style for handling your companies marketing. While they make sure that the marketing campaigns are planned with the utmost quality adherence, they also make sure that the style of marketing is absolutely genuine and sensible.

 There are many nonprofit organizations, that have been working with Quadriga Art for a long time. They not only appreciate their services, but openly recommend them to others; and the only term that can be quoted for this is total ‘customer satisfaction’.

Wednesday, 22 August 2012

Quadriga Art- Innovatively Brilliant!

If you look for a marketing firm, you will find thousands of options, but if you look for a company that provides the best innovative marketing solutions, you will get just one result - Quadriga Art.

Quadriga Art is probably the only company that does what it does. Although ‘direct marketing’ is the USP of the company, there are hundreds of other creative services offered to their clients. They are also widely known for conducting result-oriented marketing campaigns for fundraising for non-profit organizations.

They have such creative staff members that are the reason that they remain successful, ensuring top-notch quality in everything they do.

Quadriga Art has a global reach. Having provided world class marketing solutions for many decades, this organization has worked in as many as twenty-five countries.

Monday, 20 August 2012

Adding to the Art of Life - Quadriga Art

Quadriga art is a place where various creative services are realized and valued on a global platform. They work with people from more than 25 different countries, making them one of the leading companies providing creative management and direct marketing services that work for the benefit of clients as well as the donors.

Getting donors for different purposes can be very difficult and this company has solutions that can raise funds for worthy causes. By raising funds, this makes people invest towards building a safer and happier world for those in need. Considering the global recessional position, it is hard to say what might actually make a person shell a penny from his/ her pocket, but companies like these, are experienced in this field and know how to raise money.

They help non-profit organizations with the help of the funds. Their main aim is to deliver the best solutions when it comes to direct marketing. They have a reputation for delivering the most appropriate and simplified solutions to their customers. This is what gives the services a competitive edge in the market and they remain as one of the most well-organized companies that offer solutions for direct management and control.

This is something that has made them the leaders in this business, and they have been able to create a global platform for establishing ties throughout the world, conducting business in different ethnic and social parts of the world.

Find out more about Quadriga Art at http://www.quadrigaart.com

Friday, 17 August 2012

Quadriga ART, INC –Delivering Performance with Expertise

Those working with the charitable organizations or the nonprofit industry cannot deny the role of direct marketing as an important factor that contributes to significant fundraising. There are numerous fund raising companies that claim to work wonders for the non-profit industry but very few of them live up to their claims. However, some direct organizations that stand out from the crowd deliver nothing but the best. Quadriga Art, INC is one such organization in the field of direct marketing. Its presence has come into limelight due to its successful work in the non-profit industry.

The organization has an extensive seven decades of experience backing its brand name. The biggest asset of this organization is its experienced and hardworking team of nearly 3500 strong staff. It has its operations extended in the 25 countries around the globe. Every year, millions of direct mail packages are delivered to target prospects and donors by this organization. Ask any non-profit organization, of their experience with the direct marketing services of Quadriga Art, INC, and you would be amazed with the positive reviews. The organization has helped to deliver stupendous results for every charitable organization, it has worked with.

Its president, Mr. Mark Schulhof, who keeps infusing positive ideas, oversees the operations of this organization. There are various services offered by this organization but the service of high performance fund raising is highly recommended by clients. This service is dedicated to render performance oriented results for the clients with its campaigns. Quadriga values business partnerships and strives to deliver long term benefits to its partners. In this competitive scenario where nonprofits are competing for the limited number of players, the low cost techniques give an organization an added advantage over its adversaries. The dwindling economy is also a big challenge for nonprofit players. This organization understands that only a unique campaign will increase response of targets and help an organization achieve this return of investment (ROI).

If you are looking for a personalized experience in achieving your fundraising goals, you can have the perfect partner in Quadriga Art, INC.

Thursday, 16 August 2012

Quadriga Art – A Company Dedicated to the Cause of Art

Art has always been an integral part of human life, weaving its magic and inspiring us or ages. Only a person with an artist’s eye can decode the mystery veiled in the imagination called art. The modern world admires the value of art and the essence of revitalizing its various kinds. The name of Quadriga Art is a gleaming inspiration. The company owns multiple operations and has seventy years of history backing it up.

Quadriga is a term taken from Greek dictionary and it symbolizes a two-wheeled chariot driven by 4-horses. The term is utilized to represent a team working together - as in the case of company that has been passed down from the 2nd generation to the 3rd generation. The giant company with its diverse operations worldwide still uphold the culture of a family run business. The breadth of Quadriga's work spans 25 nations across the globe. The core ideologies of this multinational are inspired by the notions of innovations, unimaginable creativity, finest quality and social accountability for its clients. The company's portfolio features distinguished clientele from big multinationals, non-profit organizations, renowned retailers and religious groups.

This creative arts entity works on several domains, which include publishing, fundraising, direct mail marketing and manufacturing. Working with an eye for excellence and innovation, the Quadriga group of companies provide extremely innovative products and services. In addition to impeccable art collection, Quadriga is a global leader in direct marketing. The company offers fund raising agencies, commercial brands and nonprofits innovative direct marketing solutions that generate outstanding results.

This multinational organization is built with the vision to serve non-profit organizations. More importantly, Quadriga speaks the language of splendid-performance fundraising. Those scouting for the best in fine arts and creativity can greatly benefit from the services of Quadriga Art. Undoubtedly, Quadriga is one such company that understands the value of art and making credulous efforts to preserve it. It has given a new meaning to art.

Friday, 3 August 2012

Quadriga Art International Logistics

All international mail and logistics is handled completely by the Quadriga Art International Team until it enters the postal system, making the entire process easy and seamless for our clients.

  • Global Postal Expertise
  • Transportation
  • Custom Clearance
  • VAT and Duty
  • Wednesday, 1 August 2012

    Quadriga Art High Performance Fundraising

    Are your fundraising partners committed to the success of every campaign as well as the overall budget? Is this commitment reflected in the financial structure of your vendor agreeements? Do you receive proactive, industry-leading advice from your marketing partners in order to consistently raise the bar on campaign performance? Quadriga Art is built to serve nonprofit organizations. We demonstrate our deep commitment to non profits by creating partnerships that meet the unique business objectives of mission-driven organizations.

    Many of the Quadriga Art services including stunning creative design are provided at no additional cost. More importantly, Quadriga Art speaks the language of high-performance fundraising. We understand reporting requirements, stakeholder accountability and the need to maximize net income with the lowest possible cost-to-raise. Our ongoing campaign planning processs incorporates strategic advice, design mock-ups, premium prototyping and proactive cost-saving solutions.

    Achieving your fundraising goals in today’s global market is a serious challenge. Budgets are tight. Competition is fierce. To succeed, your integrated marketing programs must consistently be on target, your concepts must be unique and your campaigns must increase response rates and net revenue — all within tight ROI constraints. Quadriga Art can help your non profit organization achieve this ROI.

    Working with Quadriga Art to acheive your fundraising goals is a highly personalized experience, just like our mailings.

    Source From Quadriga Art