Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Quadriga Art Stresses On The Need Of Using Efficient Air Freight

With the initiation of the Carbon Cap on airlines by the European Union just a few months away, the globally renowned non-profit marketing firm Quadriga Art has stressed on the need to efficiently utilize the air freight.

The high transport charges associated with direct mail marketing have a deep impact on the success or failure of fundraising campaigns. That is why professional marketing firms like Quadriga Art stress on the use of efficient transportation services, which can ensure considerable cost saving for non-profit organizations and charities, besides making donor acquisition programs extremely successful.

Apart from optimizing the net revenues for charities, the efficient use of air freight also proves beneficial for global environment.

According to the experts at Quadriga Art, the improper use of transportation also results in excessive environmental and financial loss, which negates the whole idea of acquiring a greater number of donors for charitable causes.

Although, the company has restricted its use of airline and air cargo services to the minimum, it still tries to ensure that even this minimum level of usage is utilized in the most cost effective, and environment friendly manner.

Quadriga Art has always believed in leading by example, and perhaps that is why it has managed to attain a record for the least amount of air freight shipments during the last year.

The company is well aware of the fact that the costs of emissions is rising to the level that is directly affecting the consumers in a noticeable manner. As such the company has started using alternate means of transport, which primarily include using ocean freight and ground services, where possible.

Remaining true to its commitment of environment conservation and providing the most beneficial services to the clients, the company has adapted the most cost effective and eco-friendly means of transportation for its purpose.

Quadriga Art international is one of the leading marketing firms for many nonprofit organizations, which help charities around the world, raise funds through direct mail.

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