Monday, 30 May 2011

Quadriga Art – Caring For Environmental Issues All Year Round

On 22nd April 2011, as the world celebrated the 41st “Earth Day”, Quadriga Art re-instated its commitment towards environmental issues. Calling upon its peers and contemporaries to take serious measures to stop further deterioration of the environment, the company offered to share its expertise and technology that can prove helpful reducing the waste and preserving the environment while enhancing the efficiency of their operations.

Speaking on the occasion, Mr. Adam Freedgood, the Director of Business Development at Quadriga Art said that the company believed in taking measures to preserve the eco-system of the planet all through the year, rather than focusing on the issue on just a single day. He further added that they considered Earth Day to be a perfect occasion for generating awareness about the importance of conserving the environment.

Quadriga Art has been using cutting edge technologies that ensure the success of their various nonprofit fundraising mail and online campaigns in co-ordination with sustainable environmental practices. They believe in leading by example and hence indulge in production and shipping practices that are eco-friendly. Additionally they also urge their clients to use smarter paper sourcing decisions for use in their print marketing campaigns.

According to Mr. Freedgood, Quadriga Art takes great care to fulfill their paper needs from well managed forests, besides ensuring that the distribution of their products is carried out with minimum dependence on air-freight. The company also works extensively towards creating awareness about the enhanced use of online communication and the impact that the increased consumption of energy by data centers has on the environment.

Quadriga Art is committed to raising awareness among its peers and clients on the benefits gained by both the customers and the environment through the intersection of marketing and sustainability strategies. On the occasion, Mr. Freedgood also shared the expertise of Quadriga Art on issues related to sustainability.

Quadriga Art is a New York City based full-service international direct marketing company working with the world's most effective non-profit organizations to generate revenue from intelligent, creative fundraising programs.

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Wednesday, 18 May 2011

Quadriga Art Launches A New Video News Platform

In a first ever move of its kind in the non-profit sector, Quadriga Art has launched a Video News Platform in coordination with its website. The new site will be used to host a wide range of video segments related to the various aspects and concerns of direct marketing in the non-profit industry. It is quite expected from Quadriga Art to come up with the innovative concept of video news platform as the company is a pioneering direct marketing firm that has been offering its services to numerous non-profit organizations and charities for many years.

According to a statement issued by Mark Schulhof, the CEO of Quadriga Art , the purpose of the video news platform is to keep the direct marketing companies working in the non-profit sector updated about the latest developments that might affect their business in any manner. This has largely eliminated the need for such organization to plod through humongous amount of news and information available on the web and in the print media just to extract that small bit of information which might prove vital for their business and needs.

In addition to providing the current and the latest news and information, the new site has also been designed to be able to offer archived stories that can be easily searched with the help of relevant keywords. Mark Schulhof even referred to the new site as the “industry’s TV News Network on the web.”

Given the importance of rapid information flow, especially in the non-profit sector the new site is proving extremely helpful in saving a lot of time and effort besides cutting down operation costs and providing better results for direct marketing campaigns. It is being speculated the new site will also contribute greatly towards increasing donor contribution by making them aware of the latest developments in the non profit industry in a visual manner.

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Monday, 2 May 2011

Quadriga Art – Working Towards Making Charities More Effective And Far Reaching

In recent times, natural and man-made disasters and calamities have left millions of people vulnerable and desperate around the globe. Whether its political upheaval and civil wars or earthquakes, floods and Tsunamis, every year, the number of people who are dependent on various charities to sustain their life and build it again goes up. Unfortunately, the number of charitable institutions that genuinely work towards providing actual relief to such people is very less. Quadriga Art is an organization devoted to the cause of spreading awareness about various genuine nonprofit charities and organizations that work towards improving the condition millions of people around the globe.

Over the past many years Quadriga Art has been actively involved in various causes related to spreading awareness about the importance of nonprofit organizations and charities. It has also been suggesting various strategies to improve the way these organizations communicate with donors and the proper utilization of charity funds and resources. The company is also well aware of the important role played by the latest technologies in enhancing the cause of fundraising.

With recession causing a serious setback to the US economy, there has been a severe decline in the financial aid received by various nonprofit organizations which, in turn, has adversely affected the charitable work they have been doing to provide relief to the poor and the needy. Therefore, the company has renewed its efforts to promote the use of modern day technologies to help these Charities laboring under the burden of tough economic times by ensuring greater donor involvement.

Besides working for the cause of providing relief to the needy, Quadriga Art is also actively involved in the crusade to protect the environment. In an effort to reduce waste production and conserve various natural resources, the company has shared its experience about the various methods of environment conservation with not only its clients but also other marketing firms.

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