Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Quadriga Art Direct Mail Marketing to Reach the Target Donors

Any marketing strategy can be called effective only if it “conveys the right message to the right prospects at the right time.” Direct mail marketing is one of those marketing tools. With its easy to use, dependable, and trusted approach, Quadriga Art has managed to garner stupendous results

For over seventy years, Quadriga has helped its clients in raising money and creating connections. They have reached over 25 countries worldwide to 1.5 billion mailers that include targeted prospects, donors and consumers annually. With their in-house production facilities and over 3,500 staff members, you can depend on Quadriga Art to think big and make a huge difference for your marketing campaign

So irrespective of whether you are targeting charitable donors or consumers, Quadriga Art delivers the complete package right from the expert design knowledge to logistics with zero outsourcing

With mail getting tossed in the trash without even being opened, the exceptional packs offered by Quadriga Art never fail to inspire donors and customers to not only open the pack, but also to open their hearts and respond!

Quadriga Artis a New York City based full-service international direct marketing company working with the world's most effective non-profit organizations to generate revenue from intelligent, creative fundraising programs
To learn more about the company and its direct mail service, logon to its website at http://www.quadrigaart.com

Wednesday, 13 June 2012

Spending $1 to Raise $1

Building a profitable direct mail fundraising program for a non-profit organization is like constructing a skyscraper; it takes an investment of time and resources to go from foundation to final, but once the building is complete, it is an asset that provides sustainable funding for the organization

For many nonprofit organizations, direct mail has proven to be the only effective and reliable mode of raising money. To be a successful program, charities need to build a donor base, which can cost more than $1 to raise $1. While this strategy has been debated for years – within the nonprofit and association communities, in Congress, and even before the Supreme Court, it has been a proven model for more than 50 years

For nearly 70 years, Quadriga Art has helped nonprofit organizations raise money in order to meet their mission goals and objectives. At the core of our company’s values is a focus on innovation, entrepreneurship, creativity and a deep and abiding sense of responsibility to the charities and communities we serve. We are committed to thinking big and making a difference, as well as offering our clients the lowest cost mailing solutions possible. That means working with organizations to determine what type of direct mail program is right for them

Direct mail donor files can be built gradually, where investment and growth are steady and conservative, or rapidly, where investment levels are accelerated and the overall profitability is higher

Gradual Donor Development Lifecycle

In a gradual growth scenario, the investment levels and cost of fundraising are lower, allowing the organization to generate positive net income 2-3 years before an organization on the rapid growth plan. However, since the ultimate donor file size is smaller and grows slowly, the long-term positive net income and philanthropic potential is also on a smaller scale. The market average for the response rate in a gradual growth scenario is 2%, and the cost to acquire a new donor is on average $15 per individual

Rapid Donor Development Lifecycle

In a rapid growth scenario, the initial cost of fundraising is more than the revenue generated in the early years, since significant funds are invested to acquire new donors and quickly build a large donor file. However, this accelerated strategy allows the organization to ultimately raise significantly more revenue over the same time span. Through an accelerated strategy, Quadriga Art has seen nonprofit organizations reach average response rates of 9%, with the cost to acquire a new donor at less than $7 per individual. Because a rapid growth scenario can delay the immediate return on the investment, Quadriga Art works with organizations to find solutions that will allow them to provide more program services as early as possible

Here’s our roadmap for success:

Year 1 à Create (draft the blueprint & break ground):
Regardless of whether the growth plan is rapid or gradual, the first year of a brand new direct mail program is almost always a net investment on the part of the organization. Net income is entirely dependent on the size of the donor file; the more donors an organization has, the more revenue it will generate. Acquiring a new donor file is like building a foundation – it costs more than it initially generates, but it is an asset for the future.

Year 2 à Validate (build the foundation)

In the first two years of a new direct mail program, the organization typically does extensive testing to ensure the long-term viability of the program. While the program is typically still running at a financial deficit at this point, it is starting to build the critical renewal donor file that will lead to significant net profit for program services in the coming years.

Year 3 à Rollout (extensive building)

In year three, the organization will continue to rollout the strategies that were validated in the early years of the program. In a gradual growth scenario, the organization could be generating positive net income at this point. In a rapid growth scenario, the benefits of the new donor acquisition program launched in year one will be apparent as the spending gap will start to close.

Year 4 à Cultivate (complete the build)

The fourth year is generally the turning point for most organizations in a rapid growth scenario; the annual new donor acquisition loss will be offset by the renewal donor base income and the program will generate positive net revenue. For organizations on the gradual growth plan, this step can happen as early as year two, and as late as year six

Year 5 à Sustain (fill units & generate profit)

For either growth plan, most direct mail programs should start to show significant positive net income by year five, even while they continue to acquire new donors. The amount of net revenue available for program services is dictated by the growth plan; those with the largest donor files will have the most revenue for programs and outreach.

Years 6 & beyond à Maintain (fully leased & profitable)

For most organizations, regardless of growth plan, the sixth year and beyond is where the program is running at a cumulative net-positive basis and generating consistent and significant net income. The skyscraper is complete

Monday, 11 June 2012

Quadriga Art – Test Everything Before You Rest Everything

Quadriga Art is a name which is scintillating like a chandelier and perhaps the first preference of those who are worried about their marketing strategies. Admit it or not, but think about it (from the buyers’ point of view), “we won’t even buy a shirt without trying it once”, so expecting to launch a product or a marketing strategy without having a say from experts on it, is never a wise move to make.

Test marketing is not a new concept; it is a business and marketing technique and the sole purpose of it is “to read customer’s mind about a possible product or service.” In simpler terms, it is like finding an answer to “what if kind of questions”, which means to judge how customers will react if they are given a chance to experience any particular product or service.

This test marketing is based on two important aspects, first is the targeted market and second is the advertising method. Quadriga Art’s experts can help you with extensive but imperative researches, which eventually help you in deciding your product or service’s fate. The professionals of QuadrigaArt claims that indisputably the massive mistake most of the business do is, they put their whole money on building a product and are then left with tight budgets for testing the same. Irrefutably, it is very hard to judge, which way the customers’ wind will blow; how much price this targeted segment is ready to pay and what will be their equilibrium point as per their price and utility?

So, to all these questions, there is only one answer and that is, “test marketing.” The experts at QuadrigaArt Inc. have developed their own methods to collect information from public and anyone who is on the verge of launching a new product or service can seek the services of the company. These services will eventually help the hirers in finding out any scope of improvement pertaining to the ‘to be launched’ product or service, before they actually launch the product.

Sunday, 3 June 2012

Quadriga Art Inc. – The Renaissance in the World of Art

Art has been a fundamental part of a man’s life since prehistoric times, weaving its magic and inspiring him for ages. Only an artist can decode the mystery involved in expression of this imagination called art. The world today appreciates the value of art and the importance of reviving its various forms. One of these forms of art is the fine arts developed solely on aesthetic principles. The name of Quadriga Art Inc is a shinning beacon in the world of renaissance of art. This fine arts company today has multifaceted operations and has seven decades of familiarity backing it up.

Quadriga, a term derived from Greek is used to symbolize a two-wheeled chariot drawn by four horses. This word is used to signify a team working together, as in the case of company, which has been passed from the second generation to the third generation of four siblings. This multinational with its diverse operations, still fosters the culture of a family run business. The core ideologies of Quadriga Art are inspired by the qualities of innovation, quality, creativity and social responsibility for its clients. Its portfolio boasts of distinguished clientele from large multinationals, religious groups, non-profit organizations and famous retailers.

This fine arts entity works on different domains that include manufacturing, publishing, retailing, fundraising and direct mail marketing. Working with an eye for innovation and excellence, the Quadriga group of companies provides different types of products and services. The direct mailing services offered to its various corporate and nonprofit organizations have delivered them successful results. In addition to the direct mail services, it also has an outstanding art collection for those who harbor the taste for this creative excellence. Other services also include that of consumer products and catalogue creation.
Those looking for the best in the fine arts and creativity can benefit immensely from the services of QuadrigaArt that has given art a new meaning.