Sunday, 25 November 2012

Quadriga Art- Renowned Name in the World of Art

Numerous organizations are offering variety of services for the betterment and benefit of thousands of people. These charitable organizations grow upon the contributions and assistance of many corporations and generous people around the world.

However, availing such kindness is not very easy for charitable organizations and to ensure uninterrupted flow of monetary support, they require suitable help services from direct marketing companies.

Quadriga Art is a leading name that supports direct marketing and creative services. This organization helps by developing techniques of extracting money from best possible sources to continue their good work.

For more than seventy years of their expertise, Quadriga Arts has become a role model in the world of direct marketing. The services of this organization have spread twenty-five countries worldwide.

The company established by its talented founder and CEO Mark Schulhof, help the clients by providing high quality fund raising services through well planned strategies and necessary resources.

Saturday, 24 November 2012

Quadriga Art – a leading name in direct marketing

It requires a lot of skill and expertise to convince people to spend money for fundraising. However, for people working with Quadriga Art, it seems like an easy task. Leading the world of fundraising and direct marketing, the firm is ranked amongst the top directing marketing firms of the country in present time.

There are more than three and a half thousand people, who have been working as a part of Quadriga Art from different regions across the globe. These skilled professionals deliver more than a million fundraising packages all over the world, something that any company would be proud of.

The firm has been leading the field for more than 7 decades now, with their skillful mind and innovative ideas for direct marketing.

Quadriga art has been associated with a number of government as well as non-government organizations when it comes to raising funds for various noble causes.

Friday, 23 November 2012

Quadriga Art Is One Of The Unique ‘Do-Gooders’ In Modern Times

Bringing someone’s vision into reality is probably one of the noblest deeds in the world and the source that makes it possible is surely commendable. There are many NGOs in the world that function for the aid of the oppressed and the ones in need for aid; but they also need money to carry on their operations. This money comes from companies that initiate the process of fundraising. One such excellent firm providing clear cut and appropriate fundraising services is Quadriga The firm has been in the industry for a while and has been supplying over 25 countries with the best direct marketing soltuiosn for their NGO and fundraising work. Mr. Mark Schulhof the CEO of the firm has been an able leader of this fleet of professionals

They have been a major part of many huge works of fundraising for social causes over the world. This has surely been a support for such NGOs who have the idea, and man force but need money to fulfill their dreams of better life for many people.

Quadriga art operates on the simple function of motivating and extracting donations from those people who can afford to give them and work towards the benefit of the downtrodden and the ones in need for help. They are in a way working towards decreasing the gulf between the rich and the poor, and this makes their work all the more positive and helpful for others.

Another leg of their business looks into creative services that include campaigning for different brands and causes at the most cost effective rates, making it even more beneficial for the clients who are looking to create a major impact in the market with their product or services.

The team of skilled professionals in the company is so well versed with the needs and requirements of the industry that they usually can take up the work entirely from you and you will not have to look back and cringe at any details because your service provider will miss it otherwise.

It is a concept-based firm that works in relation with the current market trends and this reflects on the quality of services.

Monday, 19 November 2012

Quadriga Art – Global experts in direct marketing

Quadriga art is a company that is the true reflection of the quote “Innovation distinguishes between a leader and a follower”.

Over three and a half thousand professionals, work with Quadriga Arts as team that is spread in morethan 25 countries, the company has been helping several government and non-government organizations raise funds for noble causes.

In the present scenario, where people are not ready to spend a penny out of their pocket, the direct marketing experts working with Quadriga Art, know how to raise funds for various purposes.

The firm has an experience of more than 70 years in the field and when talked about fundraising, Quadriga Art, emerges at the top amongst the hoard of competitors.

The reflection of their work comes from the fact that they are known for deliver more than a billion packages of direct marketing across the globe, which makes them a stand out name in this field.

Friday, 16 November 2012

Quadriga Art-Helping NGOs In Their Noble Causes!

Money sometimes tends to become one of the most important things while pursuing to reach your goals and dreams. Many NGOs in the world are working for the betterment of people in various fields, but fall incapable when they are at a lack of proper funds to do the same.

However, some companies like Quadriga art. Co. has been able to develop techniques of extracting money from the possible sources and providing the NGOs with funds to continue their good work.

This has definitely helped the clients in being able to flourish their various causes with the help of the funds being raised by Quadriga art.

They have been in the industry for a while and have helped in the subsequent action of many social causes, which would not have been possible without the right amount for funds towards it. It is a great initiative, which has helped the oppressed and needy to benefit from the funds being donated by the people who can afford it.

Thursday, 15 November 2012

Quadriga Art; for a Better Tomorrow and a Better World

Thousands of organizations around the world are working very hard for the benefit and betterment of thousands of people. These charitable organizations flourish upon the contributions made by many generous people and corporations around the world. The non-profit industry uses these contributions to help people in every corner of the world. However, availing such kindness is not so easy for the charitable trusts or organizations and to ensure continuous flow of monetary aids, they require assistance from direct marketing and mailing companies like Quadriga Art, to reach donors.

With its seven decades of expertise Quadriga Art has become a shining example in the world of direct marketing. Clients from almost twenty-five nations have been aided from the eservices provided by Quadriga Art. What set this company apart from its peers are its wide-ranging and tactical marketing services.

Most fundraising companies are solving the crisis that emerged due to the lesser number of donations and other forms of contributions. Quadriga Art, the company backed by its talented CEO Mark Schulhof, helps the clients to resolve such crunch by providing high performance fund raising services, through necessary resources and well-planned strategies, thereby helping the clients to maximize their funds with a minimum amount of investment.

The company has a proficient team of 3500 professionals who deliver outstanding services to every client; they strive to bring innovative marketing ideas and long term success for their clients by offering a diverse range of services such as direct mail, capabilities, innovative packages, test marketing, high performance fund raising and logistics.

They stay motivated under the guidance of Mark Schulhof. The nonprofit industry is ever evolving and it is due to the efforts of company’s like this, it spells hope for thousands of under-privileged for a better tomorrow. Quadriga Art has created a niche for itself in the nonprofit industry

Friday, 9 November 2012

Quadriga Art- the frontrunner in fundraising

For more than seven decades, Quadriga Art has worked with several government and non-government organizations for noble causes.

As a team of direct marketing experts, they surely know how to raise funds for any cause. With a crew of innovative thinkers and skilled professionals, the company has taken direct marketing to newer heights and this separates them from the rest of the crowd.

Over the years, Quadriga Art has been associated with a number of organizations for fund raising and has gained reputation as professionals who know how to convince people to spend money on fundraising. A clear-cut reflection of this comes from the fact that they are delivering more than one billion direct marketing packages across the globe.

Today, the firm has more than 3500 employees working together across its offices that are located amongst 25 countries all over the world and building bridges to help organizations raise funds for various causes.

Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Quadriga Art – The Leaders in Fund-raising, Non-profit Industry

Quadriga Art Inc. is a leading player in the world of direct marketing, with exemplified innovations, creativity and a commendable expertise, the company is also a leader in the field of manufacturing, direct mail, printing, extensive fund raising and retail supply for non-profit organizations. This successful organization with seven decades of experience is steered by its president Mark Schulhof.

In today’s competitive scenario, businesses and companies want a direct marketing partner who doesn’t just for them but with them. Over the years, this well-established direct marketing firm has developed practicable concepts that focus on making it a leader with unmatched ideas, innovation and prosperity for its clients. This futuristic vision has made the organization grow even more; today the company has clients from over 25 countries around the globe, with billions of direct marketing packages reaching the targeted customers every year.

Quadriga Art comprehends the impact of effective marketing campaigns that have a lasting effect. Quadriga Art’s focus is on simplifying the bothersome aspects related to any campaign. An efficient team easily handles the various aspects related to the campaign that may include production, planning and execution. Customized solutions are provided to the clients by the dedicated team that provides not just temporary, but long-term success.

By Far, this company is truly different than its competitors, it has succeeded in offering futuristic options such as insights, personalization and performance feedback. The wide-ranging services of the company include direct mail, printing, test marketing, fund raising and logistics. The growing dependency on social media has resulted in the success of this organization leveraging it for its various campaigns. It has also been associated with the launch of the first, web-based live news channel for the nonprofit industry.

Monday, 5 November 2012

Quadriga Art Inc. – Expertise in Everything from Art, Retail, Publishing, Fundraising & Direct Marketing

A saying by Leonardo da Vinci “Art is the Queen of all Sciences Communicating Knowledge to all the Generations of the World." This is true in the case of Quadriga Art Inc., a direct marketing and fundraising entity that is dedicated to the cause of art, with seven decades of experience. Only a true enthusiast can appreciate the timeless beauty of art. Art has inspired people for many centuries.

Quadriga Art is actively involved in the business of manufacturing, fundraising, publishing, retail and direct marketing It has been dedicated to raising awareness and increasing funds for its clients. Dealing in various fortes the company has its presence all around the globe. Proving to be an international leader, the company offers products such as beautiful oil paintings, stationery products, devotional aids, religious apparel and direct mailing packages.

Quadriga Art offers its services. to clients from different parts of the world, under the skillful leadership and visionary attributes of Mark Schulhof. One of the biggest strengths of this company is that this has been a family owned company for the last four generations. Believing with utmost faith on the words of Winston Churchill – We make a living by what we get, but we make a life by what we give, the company delivers the best of services all the time.

Find out more about the products and services offered by the company at

Quadriga Art Inc. – Build the Future

Quadriga Art Inc. is the first choice by those who are concerned about their marketing strategies. Let’s face it “we won’t even buy shoes without trying then once,” so expecting to launch a product or a service without the expert’s advice is never a wise move. Owning a Business can be risky, therefore we should never take chances, especially when it comes to making a big investment.

“Test marketing “is about a product or a service been tested before its launch. Test marketing is not a new concept; it is a business and marketing technique and the sole purpose of it is “to read the customer’s mind about a future product or service.” In simpler terms, it is like finding an answer to the “what If” kind of questions, and see how customers will react when they are given the chance to experience, a particular product or service.

Quadriga Art Inc. and their experts in Test Marketing and will help you in deciding the future of your product or service. There is no doubt, that one of the biggest mistakes that many new businesses make, is that of investing all of their finances when building the particular business, which leaves them with small budgets for testing their products.

However Quadriga Art Inc. has developed its own way of collecting information from the public, and anyone who is on the verge of launching a new product or service, can seek the services of this company. These services will ultimately help in finding out any alterations or improvements, pertaining to the product or service, before it is actually “launched.”