Thursday, 15 November 2012

Quadriga Art; for a Better Tomorrow and a Better World

Thousands of organizations around the world are working very hard for the benefit and betterment of thousands of people. These charitable organizations flourish upon the contributions made by many generous people and corporations around the world. The non-profit industry uses these contributions to help people in every corner of the world. However, availing such kindness is not so easy for the charitable trusts or organizations and to ensure continuous flow of monetary aids, they require assistance from direct marketing and mailing companies like Quadriga Art, to reach donors.

With its seven decades of expertise Quadriga Art has become a shining example in the world of direct marketing. Clients from almost twenty-five nations have been aided from the eservices provided by Quadriga Art. What set this company apart from its peers are its wide-ranging and tactical marketing services.

Most fundraising companies are solving the crisis that emerged due to the lesser number of donations and other forms of contributions. Quadriga Art, the company backed by its talented CEO Mark Schulhof, helps the clients to resolve such crunch by providing high performance fund raising services, through necessary resources and well-planned strategies, thereby helping the clients to maximize their funds with a minimum amount of investment.

The company has a proficient team of 3500 professionals who deliver outstanding services to every client; they strive to bring innovative marketing ideas and long term success for their clients by offering a diverse range of services such as direct mail, capabilities, innovative packages, test marketing, high performance fund raising and logistics.

They stay motivated under the guidance of Mark Schulhof. The nonprofit industry is ever evolving and it is due to the efforts of company’s like this, it spells hope for thousands of under-privileged for a better tomorrow. Quadriga Art has created a niche for itself in the nonprofit industry

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