Saturday, 24 November 2012

Quadriga Art – a leading name in direct marketing

It requires a lot of skill and expertise to convince people to spend money for fundraising. However, for people working with Quadriga Art, it seems like an easy task. Leading the world of fundraising and direct marketing, the firm is ranked amongst the top directing marketing firms of the country in present time.

There are more than three and a half thousand people, who have been working as a part of Quadriga Art from different regions across the globe. These skilled professionals deliver more than a million fundraising packages all over the world, something that any company would be proud of.

The firm has been leading the field for more than 7 decades now, with their skillful mind and innovative ideas for direct marketing.

Quadriga art has been associated with a number of government as well as non-government organizations when it comes to raising funds for various noble causes.

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