Sunday, 25 November 2012

Quadriga Art- Renowned Name in the World of Art

Numerous organizations are offering variety of services for the betterment and benefit of thousands of people. These charitable organizations grow upon the contributions and assistance of many corporations and generous people around the world.

However, availing such kindness is not very easy for charitable organizations and to ensure uninterrupted flow of monetary support, they require suitable help services from direct marketing companies.

Quadriga Art is a leading name that supports direct marketing and creative services. This organization helps by developing techniques of extracting money from best possible sources to continue their good work.

For more than seventy years of their expertise, Quadriga Arts has become a role model in the world of direct marketing. The services of this organization have spread twenty-five countries worldwide.

The company established by its talented founder and CEO Mark Schulhof, help the clients by providing high quality fund raising services through well planned strategies and necessary resources.

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