Wednesday, 7 November 2012

Quadriga Art – The Leaders in Fund-raising, Non-profit Industry

Quadriga Art Inc. is a leading player in the world of direct marketing, with exemplified innovations, creativity and a commendable expertise, the company is also a leader in the field of manufacturing, direct mail, printing, extensive fund raising and retail supply for non-profit organizations. This successful organization with seven decades of experience is steered by its president Mark Schulhof.

In today’s competitive scenario, businesses and companies want a direct marketing partner who doesn’t just for them but with them. Over the years, this well-established direct marketing firm has developed practicable concepts that focus on making it a leader with unmatched ideas, innovation and prosperity for its clients. This futuristic vision has made the organization grow even more; today the company has clients from over 25 countries around the globe, with billions of direct marketing packages reaching the targeted customers every year.

Quadriga Art comprehends the impact of effective marketing campaigns that have a lasting effect. Quadriga Art’s focus is on simplifying the bothersome aspects related to any campaign. An efficient team easily handles the various aspects related to the campaign that may include production, planning and execution. Customized solutions are provided to the clients by the dedicated team that provides not just temporary, but long-term success.

By Far, this company is truly different than its competitors, it has succeeded in offering futuristic options such as insights, personalization and performance feedback. The wide-ranging services of the company include direct mail, printing, test marketing, fund raising and logistics. The growing dependency on social media has resulted in the success of this organization leveraging it for its various campaigns. It has also been associated with the launch of the first, web-based live news channel for the nonprofit industry.

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