Sunday, 3 June 2012

Quadriga Art Inc. – The Renaissance in the World of Art

Art has been a fundamental part of a man’s life since prehistoric times, weaving its magic and inspiring him for ages. Only an artist can decode the mystery involved in expression of this imagination called art. The world today appreciates the value of art and the importance of reviving its various forms. One of these forms of art is the fine arts developed solely on aesthetic principles. The name of Quadriga Art Inc is a shinning beacon in the world of renaissance of art. This fine arts company today has multifaceted operations and has seven decades of familiarity backing it up.

Quadriga, a term derived from Greek is used to symbolize a two-wheeled chariot drawn by four horses. This word is used to signify a team working together, as in the case of company, which has been passed from the second generation to the third generation of four siblings. This multinational with its diverse operations, still fosters the culture of a family run business. The core ideologies of Quadriga Art are inspired by the qualities of innovation, quality, creativity and social responsibility for its clients. Its portfolio boasts of distinguished clientele from large multinationals, religious groups, non-profit organizations and famous retailers.

This fine arts entity works on different domains that include manufacturing, publishing, retailing, fundraising and direct mail marketing. Working with an eye for innovation and excellence, the Quadriga group of companies provides different types of products and services. The direct mailing services offered to its various corporate and nonprofit organizations have delivered them successful results. In addition to the direct mail services, it also has an outstanding art collection for those who harbor the taste for this creative excellence. Other services also include that of consumer products and catalogue creation.
Those looking for the best in the fine arts and creativity can benefit immensely from the services of QuadrigaArt that has given art a new meaning.

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