Friday, 17 August 2012

Quadriga ART, INC –Delivering Performance with Expertise

Those working with the charitable organizations or the nonprofit industry cannot deny the role of direct marketing as an important factor that contributes to significant fundraising. There are numerous fund raising companies that claim to work wonders for the non-profit industry but very few of them live up to their claims. However, some direct organizations that stand out from the crowd deliver nothing but the best. Quadriga Art, INC is one such organization in the field of direct marketing. Its presence has come into limelight due to its successful work in the non-profit industry.

The organization has an extensive seven decades of experience backing its brand name. The biggest asset of this organization is its experienced and hardworking team of nearly 3500 strong staff. It has its operations extended in the 25 countries around the globe. Every year, millions of direct mail packages are delivered to target prospects and donors by this organization. Ask any non-profit organization, of their experience with the direct marketing services of Quadriga Art, INC, and you would be amazed with the positive reviews. The organization has helped to deliver stupendous results for every charitable organization, it has worked with.

Its president, Mr. Mark Schulhof, who keeps infusing positive ideas, oversees the operations of this organization. There are various services offered by this organization but the service of high performance fund raising is highly recommended by clients. This service is dedicated to render performance oriented results for the clients with its campaigns. Quadriga values business partnerships and strives to deliver long term benefits to its partners. In this competitive scenario where nonprofits are competing for the limited number of players, the low cost techniques give an organization an added advantage over its adversaries. The dwindling economy is also a big challenge for nonprofit players. This organization understands that only a unique campaign will increase response of targets and help an organization achieve this return of investment (ROI).

If you are looking for a personalized experience in achieving your fundraising goals, you can have the perfect partner in Quadriga Art, INC.

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