Wednesday, 1 August 2012

Quadriga Art High Performance Fundraising

Are your fundraising partners committed to the success of every campaign as well as the overall budget? Is this commitment reflected in the financial structure of your vendor agreeements? Do you receive proactive, industry-leading advice from your marketing partners in order to consistently raise the bar on campaign performance? Quadriga Art is built to serve nonprofit organizations. We demonstrate our deep commitment to non profits by creating partnerships that meet the unique business objectives of mission-driven organizations.

Many of the Quadriga Art services including stunning creative design are provided at no additional cost. More importantly, Quadriga Art speaks the language of high-performance fundraising. We understand reporting requirements, stakeholder accountability and the need to maximize net income with the lowest possible cost-to-raise. Our ongoing campaign planning processs incorporates strategic advice, design mock-ups, premium prototyping and proactive cost-saving solutions.

Achieving your fundraising goals in today’s global market is a serious challenge. Budgets are tight. Competition is fierce. To succeed, your integrated marketing programs must consistently be on target, your concepts must be unique and your campaigns must increase response rates and net revenue — all within tight ROI constraints. Quadriga Art can help your non profit organization achieve this ROI.

Working with Quadriga Art to acheive your fundraising goals is a highly personalized experience, just like our mailings.

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