Tuesday, 31 July 2012

Quadriga Art Direct Mail Packages

Quadriga Art is known internationally for producing unconventional mailings. You may be surprised to learn that while we do produce over 300 million premium direct mail packages each year, our annual production of non-premium campaigns eclipses premiums by 4:1.

We use the same highly personalized custom marketing features that we apply to premiums to create tangible, interactive offers for recipients of straight paper packages.
    Just a few of the direct mail packages we manufacture include:

  1. Greeting Cards, Notepads, Posters and innovative Stationery
  2. Supporter & Membership Cards (paper, personalized, plastic, PLA and embossed)
  3. Hand Addressed & Matched Mailings
  4. Address Labels & Stickers
  5. Emergency Kits
  6. Calendars & Pocket Planners
  7. Case Bound and Perfect Bound Books
  8. Lapel Pins, Pendants & Necklaces
  9. Keychains & Magnets
  10. Holiday Ornaments
  11. Tote Bags
  12. Tee Shirts, Mugs & Umbrellas
  13. Customized Carrier Formats (envelopes, boxes, self-mailers)
  14. Traditional letter appeals, reminders & acknowledgements
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