Thursday, 16 August 2012

Quadriga Art – A Company Dedicated to the Cause of Art

Art has always been an integral part of human life, weaving its magic and inspiring us or ages. Only a person with an artist’s eye can decode the mystery veiled in the imagination called art. The modern world admires the value of art and the essence of revitalizing its various kinds. The name of Quadriga Art is a gleaming inspiration. The company owns multiple operations and has seventy years of history backing it up.

Quadriga is a term taken from Greek dictionary and it symbolizes a two-wheeled chariot driven by 4-horses. The term is utilized to represent a team working together - as in the case of company that has been passed down from the 2nd generation to the 3rd generation. The giant company with its diverse operations worldwide still uphold the culture of a family run business. The breadth of Quadriga's work spans 25 nations across the globe. The core ideologies of this multinational are inspired by the notions of innovations, unimaginable creativity, finest quality and social accountability for its clients. The company's portfolio features distinguished clientele from big multinationals, non-profit organizations, renowned retailers and religious groups.

This creative arts entity works on several domains, which include publishing, fundraising, direct mail marketing and manufacturing. Working with an eye for excellence and innovation, the Quadriga group of companies provide extremely innovative products and services. In addition to impeccable art collection, Quadriga is a global leader in direct marketing. The company offers fund raising agencies, commercial brands and nonprofits innovative direct marketing solutions that generate outstanding results.

This multinational organization is built with the vision to serve non-profit organizations. More importantly, Quadriga speaks the language of splendid-performance fundraising. Those scouting for the best in fine arts and creativity can greatly benefit from the services of Quadriga Art. Undoubtedly, Quadriga is one such company that understands the value of art and making credulous efforts to preserve it. It has given a new meaning to art.

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