Monday, 25 February 2013

Mark Schulhof and Quadriga Art Thought Leadership: Profile Analysis and Quality List Management

Organizations long for intelligence: sophisticated insight into the minds of consumers. At Quadriga Art, we provide that acumen to our clients through a highly-refined profile analysis process that matches their customer database to demographics, and benchmarks the demographics against the universe of households in a geographic area. Profile analysis is among the high-performance fundraising services we utilize to give Quadriga Art clients a competitive edge in fundraising.

Profiling customers is a strategic tool nonprofits use to identify and target the highest and best responders, and create a marketing message and design for each direct mail package. Knowing distinctive characteristics about current and prospective donors allows an organization to market more intelligently. But with hundreds of demographic elements and even more combinations of elements available, it’s critical for organizations to work with firms that have proven success in customer profile analysis.

At Quadriga, once we benchmark the demographics, we highlight the elements that have the most positive relationships against the benchmark and use them as suppression or selection files. We can then provide our clients with such intelligence as assigning elements for specific communication, identifying alternative media advertising, or providing a comprehensive snapshot of their current customer base.

At the same time, highly developed list management tools must be in place to ensure the integrity of the databases being used in the profile analysis, as well as to allow organizations to leverage their mailing lists as an asset.

We recognize that protecting your relationship with the people in your database is critical, and that every list owner has its own unique needs and requirements. Our goal is to help you develop requirements that are pertinent to your organization’s mission and objectives, and our priority is to ensure that the usage date requested by a renter of your list is not in conflict with your own secured dates. We protect you against mailers whose offers are too competitive to yours, or whose mission conflicts with yours in a way that may offend the people in your database.

Quadriga Art also provides conscientious handling of marketing, negotiations, exchange ledger management, order fulfillment and billing. With more than 70 years experience, Quadriga Art employs the most advanced systems and experience to provide customers with the consumer insight and list management they need to optimize fundraising and organizational success.

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