Friday, 8 March 2013

Quadriga Art's Mark Schulhof Giving Back Again in 2013

Mark Shulhof and Employees at Quadriga Art, a global direct marketing company that transforms the image and bottom line of businesses and nonprofit organizations, are excitedly planning a return trip to rural Mississippi to help build safe homes for impoverished families. This year’s trip will be the third ministry trip in a row for a Quadriga team.

“The employees who went on the past two trips say it is the most rewarding thing they’ve done in years,” said Quadriga Chief Executive Officer Mark Schulhof, who went on both trips and even brought his children along last year. “It’s an opportunity for all of us to give sacrificially of our time together as a team, and gain understanding of what it’s like on the ground for our nonprofit clients, who spend every day helping needy and deserving people around the world.”

Six Quadriga Art employees, plus Schulhof and Chief Operating Officer Dean Wimer and their families, spent four days rebuilding the dilapidated home of a couple living in a depressed rural region of Mississippi. They coordinated the project through Sacred Heart Southern Missions of Jackson as part of the Quadriga Art “Building Bonds Beyond Business” corporate outreach program. It was the second year in a row Quadriga sent a team to help Sacred Heart, which is a longtime client that Quadriga assists with low-cost, maximum-return fundraising campaigns.

Quadriga Art charitable service program began in 2011 after employees heard about Sacred Heart’s work and requested time off so they could travel from their offices in New York and New Jersey to Mississippi to help with housing rehabilitation projects. Last year, the team renovated a very dilapidated home that was once a sharecropper’s shack. The owners are a working but very poor couple, living in a rural community set in the middle of cotton fields. Rebecca Gacel, VP of QuadrigaArt International, is planning a similar trip to give back in the European communities that are served by Quadriga Art's International Division. For more about Quadriga Art, visit For more about Quadriga Art International:

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