Monday, 18 March 2013

Mark Schulhof and Quadriga Staff Release New Whitepaper

Quadriga Art has released a new free whitepaper entitled "The Past is the Past: Propel Your Marketing Strategies into the Future" available here for a limited time:

If your nonprofit direct marketing strategy revolves around primarily direct mail, and repurposing the same campaign message that you’ve used for years, it’s likely time for a fresh assessment. Seventies rock band Jethro Tull might have scored it big when it created a hit with the lyrics, “Oh, we won’t give in, we’ll keep living in the past,” but if that’s your mantra when it comes to direct mail, be prepared for results that don’t even make it on the charts. While a few ideas from past decades are being resurrected with a 2013 twist, many are simply too archaic for today’s financially savvy and technology-driven donors.

In this paper, we’ll review a few outdated direct marketing ideas, thoughts and strategies to help you identify those you might be hanging onto out of nostalgia or habit regarding the use of direct mail and the lack of use of other marketing channels. We’ll also suggest some practices that are old but now new again – ideas that are reborn with a modern twist and multi-channel approaches. Finally, we’ll offer some “must have” strategies for meeting the needs of modern donors and achieving your fundraising goals.

Enjoy, and be sure to share with friends and colleagues. Available for a limited time only.

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