Friday, 12 April 2013

Mark Schulhof - Quadriga Art Thought Leadership: Predictive Analytics Can Increase ROI

Imagine the flawless direct marketing campaign: a perfectly crafted appeal reaching the targeted ideal donor, through a medium and with a message so suited to their personality and giving preferences that they not only respond, but with a larger gift than their previous one. Now imagine this scenario played out with every name on your mailing list.

It’s fundraising marketing nirvana, and not likely to happen due to the shifting whims of human nature and the circumstances of life that can alter a donor’s behavior between the time a campaign piece leaves your hands and arrives in theirs.

However, at Quadriga Art LLC, we tackle every customer campaign with this goal in mind, and we utilize a sophisticated tool that helps us get as close to as possible to the ideal ROI: predictive analytics.

With computer models and processes that break down the past and predictive giving details of every donor, the Quadriga Art team and its partners can optimize every piece of our customers’ direct mail. Consider some of the details analytics can provide:

• Knowing who to contact, through which channel, at what time, and with the optimal frequency for the greatest return on the marketing spend.

• Ranking of each person in the customer database according to his or her likelihood to make an annual, planned or major gift, become a member or upgrade their giving. We can sort individuals into relevant market segments, help our clients understand the marketing vehicle and message that is most likely to appeal to each prospect, and identify prospects of wealth. This knowledge provides insight to further target the marketing message, including ask amount, and achieve a higher return on marketing dollars by focusing efforts where they are most likely to be fruitful.

• Identifying groups of individuals that share certain characteristics and will respond to a similar message. Once we identify these market segments, we can craft studies that test different messages, vehicles and times of year to contact these donors until we find the combination that brings in the greatest return.

Quadriga Art excels at high performance fundraising. Predictive analytics is a powerful tool we use to leverage increased revenue and profit for our customers. This mechanism also provides an avenue for helping our clients cut their marketing expenses. By filtering out high-risk prospects, organizations can spend less and improve their ROI. Smart marketing also helps retain donors, reducing the costs associated with acquiring new ones.

With more than 70 years experience in direct marketing for nonprofits and a team of more than 2,500 experts around the globe, Quadriga Art’s culture is founded upon the application of innovative thinking to every facet of direct marketing. Our employment of predictive analytics assures our clients of the most optimum response to their campaign and highest return for their marketing dollars.

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