Friday, 1 July 2011

Issues Related To The Development Of Strategic Marketing Plans For Non-Profits

Most people associate the term non-profit with any organization or agency that works for a humanitarian or social cause. However, in the modern times non-profit industry has broadened its base to include organizations and agencies working for the betterment of not only human and social causes but also causes related to elderly, religious causes and animal welfare issues. Given the diversity of causes that non-profits work for, it has become essential for such organizations to seek the help of professional marketing companies like QuadrigaArt to ensure better chances of growth, funding and prosperity.

Even though non-profit industry has existed for centuries, it was only as recently as 1969 that marketing researchers start experimenting with the application of marketing strategies in this sector. Today with the number of non-profit organizations and charities working in US alone exceeding 1.5 million, there is an even greater need for the non-profit industry to adapt the latest and most strategic marketing plans that can help them in engaging entire communities and rallying greater support for their causes. That is why major non-profit organizations and charities seek the services of marketing companies like Quadriga Art to develop result oriented marketing strategies and campaigns.

Contrary to the popular belief that non-profit industry does not have much impact on economy, the operating expenses of major non-profits generally form a significant part of gross economy of a nation. As such, while planning the marketing strategies for the non-profit sector, it is vital to focus on the specific activities that need to be exclusively executed according to the environment of individual organizations. It is important to take into consideration issues such the mission of the non-profits, services they offers, audiences they serves, where they are located and the available funding sources, before developing a strategic marketing plan for non-profits.

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