Tuesday, 19 July 2011

Quadriga Art – Understanding The Importance Diverse Marketing Methodologies

In recent years, non-profit organizations and charities have become increasingly dependent on marketing companies to spread awareness about their cause and garner public support not only in terms of manpower but also in terms of financial help. With the number of non-profits working for multiple cause growing in number with each passing year, there is bound to be an increased level of competition even in the non-profit sector to enhance donor contribution for a specific cause. Quadriga Art, a prominent marketing company working for the non-profit industry realizes the fact that for positive results, marketing strategies that are successful in commercial marketing need to be used in non-profit sector as well, although in a cost effective manner.

Over the years, the company has successfully launched numerous marketing campaigns for its non-profit clients, which have shown highly positive results. Most of these marketing campaigns have been devised around the common marketing tricks used by the corporate sector. Quadriga Art fully understands that for any marketing campaign to be successful it needs to have a specific mission definition and brand strategy which should be publicized with the help of a brand logo. The firm also does not underestimate the role of proper advertisement, building public relations, propaganda through printed brochures and communication and widespread publicity through word-of-mouth at grassroots levels.

The fact that most non-profits tend to ignore some of the most vital aspects of above mentioned marketing fundamentals, is a major cause for the extensive decline in their donor base. For example, creating a brand image through a well designed logo enables the non-profits to maintain a consistency on their communications with present as well as prospective donors. Additionally, it helps people to identify and associate any printed communication with a particular non-profit and ensure a consistent flow of funds from dedicated donors.

Quadriga Art is a New York City based full-service international direct marketing company working with the world's most effective non-profit organizations to generate revenue from intelligent, creative fundraising programs. To learn more about the company and its direct mail service, logon to its website at http://www.quadrigaart.com.

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