Tuesday, 26 July 2011

Quadriga Art – Redefining Web Marketing, Communication & Strategies for Fundraising

Mark Schulhof, an entrepreneur whose innovations, creativity and deep understanding in the field of comprehensive manufacturing, retail supply, extensive fundraising services, publishing and direct mail marketing has made him stand tall as the CEO of a seventy year old company – Quadriga Art, Inc. with its headquarter established in New York. His out-of-the-box thinking and expertise in marketing has given new heights and earned a respectful name for the company

People associated with the company serves various non-profit organizations in the world through ‘Quadriga Art International’ that helps in raising funds & revenue for the charities. The company is a pioneer direct marketing firm that generates funds through intelligent fundraising programs and direct mail services. His intentions of helping these non-profit organizations in raising funds are based on the motive of helping millions of poor people who are in need. According to him, only America holds more than 1.4 million non-profit organizations that work towards the betterment of humanity. These organizations are devoted to provide essential help to people for their medical necessities, basic living and education for poor, self-employment opportunities and animal husbandry

Due to tough economic times, these kinds of organizations are running short of funds and resources because of significant decline of donations that are made to them. As a result, a large number of needy people are left-out in getting the required abet. Even the cost-cutting policies and low budget allotments by the government have made it real difficult for people and other organizations to make greater and frequent contributions

The CEO redefined strategies for successful fundraising with the help of social media. It can raise awareness in communities and people across nations by making them approachable with such organizations, programs and fundraising campaigns. People from all walks of life connect with these charities and non-profit organizations and offer support and contribution according to their level of convenience. Another revolutionary concept of marketing for encouraging donors with some rewards, door drops or exclusive gifts has helped major non-profit organizations to raise funds radically. These kind of innovative ideas and marketing techniques when combined with social media interface are changing trends for generating revenue and funds to help people who are very much in need.

To know more about Quadriga Art and its functional strategies, logon to website at http://www.quadrigaart.com

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