Tuesday, 3 April 2012

Quadriga Art – Helping Non-Profit Organizations Garner The Benefits Of Direct Mail Marketing

The tremendous advances in technology have brought about a significant change in the way organizations market and promote their products and services. But for most non-profit organizations and charities, direct mail marketing still remains the most cost-effective and result-oriented method for reaching out prospective donors. As a company that caters to the marketing needs of the non-profit sector, Quadriga Art understands the need for many people to receive promotional offers in the traditional manner, as they consider it to be not only more personal, but also a lot more reliable.

Unfortunately, not many marketing companies realize the true potential of this rather old fashioned marketing strategy. Consequently, they fail to provide the best results to their clients in the non-profit sector. One of the most important benefits of using the direct mail marketing strategy is that it helps companies like Quadriga Art, to lay a lasting first impression about their clients on prospective donors. Using this method, organizations are actually able to promote their cause, even before the donors go through the contents of the mail. This can be achieved by using well designed and colorful envelops and letterheads that validate not only the identity of a non-profit organization, but also the cause that it intends to promote.

Quadriga Art also understands the importance of giving a personal touch to the mails sent across to countless of people for fundraising purposes. As such the company ensures that the mails sent out bear the actual name of the person donating regularly and the letter acknowledges and appreciates their contribution. Although it is easy to generate a general mail and then add some finer details later, it surely does not have the same impact as a personalized letter which can be added to the various memos, leaflets and brochures being mailed to the individuals. The fact that an organization is actually taking the trouble to correspond with its donors on a personal basis, is truly elevating and more motivational.

Quadriga Art International is a leading marketing firm for various nonprofit organizations around the world which helps charities raise funds through direct mail.

To learn more about the company and its direct mail service, logon to its website at http://www.quadrigaart.com.

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