Friday, 30 March 2012

Quadriga Art – Understanding The Importance Of Effective Fund Raising

The need of non–profit organizations and charities, working towards the betterment of the human race is being felt now more than ever. However, the fact is that such organizations are facing a severe funds shortage, due to a significant decline in donations for charitable causes, which is hampering the great work they do.

As a pioneer of effective non-profit fundraising campaigns, Quadriga Art International has identified and implemented diverse marketing strategies, to help such organizations get a greater number of positive responses from prospective donors. One such important strategy is to work closely with the various Co-ops to ensure a better donor response.

According to a report of the Direct Marketing Association, the number of Co-operative databases has grown significantly over the years. As such, they are capable of providing immense information about charitable giving, along with the clear-cut demographics and standards of living, as well as the political affiliations of a large group of people. Quadriga Art is well aware of the fact that this information can be utilized, by choosing the most suitable approach for various fund raising campaigns. This can prove significantly helpful in identifying the most productive donors, and even attaining results that are far greater than the current profitable response lists available, with the non-profit charities and organizations.

Quadriga Art knows the impact of the rising Co-ops, on providing solutions for the diverse needs of the non-profit sector; at the same time it is also aware of the fact, that they challenge fund raisers working in the field, to update themselves about the differences in the various services being offered today. This will help fund raisers to identify and improve those services, that provide the best way for selecting serious donors and enhance the value of their campaigns.

Quadriga Art International is a leading marketing firm for various nonprofit organizations around the world, which also helps charities around the world raise funds through direct mail.

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