Monday, 29 October 2012

Quadriga Art- A Company Known For Their Unique Fund Raising Techniques!

Direct marketing is all about innovation and that is what makes Quadriga Art such an effective organization. Renowned for raising the desired funds for charities and organizations, the firm is a leader amongst direct marketing companies.

From the last 70 years, the firm has been working with various government and non-government organizations for raising money for noble causes.

Today, with a team of more than 3500 employees, the company spans over 25 countries.

In a world where people think a hundred times before spending their money, the firm knows how to raise funds for the cause.

Delivering more than a billion of its direct marketing packages all over the world, the firm, with a team of smart working and innovative thinking employees, holds the top spot in the field of direct marketing.

Quadriga Art thrives on innovation, something that sets them apart from their contemporaries in the trade.

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